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Faith Batt, Founder
Family Recovery Specialist & Life Coach

Dedicated to helping heal families who have loved ones struggling with the disease of addiction.

Get your life back & become your loved one’s best chance at a healthy, long-lasting recovery.






Private 1:1


Hourly Consulting


Holistic Retreats
My Approach

I founded Heartland Family Recovery to provide information, education, coaching, and support to help heal family members who are suffering due to a loved one’s Substance Use Disorder (SUD) addiction. Through a variety of interactive workshops, curriculum-based courses, holistic recovery retreats, and private one-on-one coaching, I will share what I have learned through my own life experience as well as my professional education and training.


I will teach you the tools and skills that will guide you from chaos to calm. You will learn strategies for loving communication that will accelerate the recovery process and have the power to transform your life. Heartland Family Recovery is inclusive of all families, regardless of how “family” is defined.

Meet Faith

​Hi, ​I’m Faith! I’m a Family Recovery​ ​Specialist, Life Coach, ​Wife, ​M​other of three, ​​​Woman of faith​, Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur​​. ​I ​have spent a lifetime living with and loving ​people​ who​​ struggle​ with drug and alcohol use disorders​ and ​mental ​health issues.​


 This is a safe and non-judgmental space where we can talk truth, without shame, blame or stigma, about the impact that addiction has had on us and our families. It is also a place for you to connect with the help you need to learn a new way to live. You will grow and be supported on this journey.


Why Heartland Family Recovery?

My mission at Heartland Family Recovery is to provide you and your family members with the information, education, transformation and support you need to build and maintain a safe, healthy and peaceful life. I provide you with the tools and teach you the skills you need to not only cope with your loved one’s SUD, but also learn how to live the rich and happy life you deserve while contributing in a positive way to your loved one’s recovery.

Family Recovery Journey VLOG

Through her Heartland Family Recovery VLOG, Faith speaks on relevant topics surrounding family recovery - including personal growth, self-awareness, coping with physical and emotional pain, control tactics, self care, and more.

Welcome to Heartland Family Recovery!

Welcome to Heartland Family Recovery!

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Faith Batt, Family Recovery Specialist and Coach, has a unique and authentic God-given ability to tune into the best process for each client and their family. Healing is an ongoing part of life and Faith's relationship with the families is to be trusted in order for all persons to grow, reevaluate their needs and to move forward to greater levels of health and healing. I completely recommend Faith Batt's counsel to all families in need of help and support. Her forward thinking and flexibility enables her to stay in the moment and assess the situation deeply and honestly. Then, she can help you reshape the problem into a realistic solution for all.

Jill Ayn Schneider, Author, Healer, Retreat Leader, NC

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