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Family Recovery Services

Recovery is a deeply personal journey that requires a strong commitment to change. Through decades of trial and error and through my intensive professional training, I've learned what works. When you enroll in the courses I offer, and work with me as your coach, you will be empowered to create your own unique plan. I will encourage you to take responsibility for your own life, your own happiness, your own emotional recovery, and your role in your loved one’s recovery. Utilizing various evidence-based techniques and coaching modalities, I will help you dive deeply into your values and beliefs, identify your strengths as well as your growth opportunities. Working with Heartland Family Recovery will enable you to establish short and long-term goals for your life and for your recovery.
One of the most effective approaches we will use is the BALM® (Be A Loving Mirror) method, which is based on connection, healthy boundaries, leverage, and personal accountability with the goal of blazing the trail to recovery in your home. Utilizing a complete, web-based, educational, and transformative curriculum, we provide you and your family with a system of communication that strengthens and empowers you to connect in new and healthy ways. Enrolling in the BALM® Comprehensive Course will give you access to the support of our worldwide community, experts in the field of recovery, and a team of certified coaches who will guide you as you learn to heal your relationship with yourself, your spirit, and your loved ones, allowing you to experience peace and joy even in the most difficult of circumstances.

If you have questions about my services, please contact me!

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