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"I feel fortunate to have gotten to know Faith as well as I have. We've studied together and worked together coaching on many occasions. There is one quality in a person that they must have if I am to feel a connection to them. Authenticity. Faith has proven over and over to me that what you see is who she is. Faith is the real deal, and I appreciate her honesty and integrity. I love the connection we have shared, and I know she will continue to be an inspiration to me as we move forward in our respective coaching careers. I am grateful we have crossed paths." 
- Don L., PA

“Faith gave me a safe space to open up and be vulnerable. In our first visit, I was able to expose myself and share a long list of issues I felt were taking me hostage. In that original session I learned breathing techniques to bring my emotions to a comfortable level so I could stay in the moment and logically assess the true situation and not the one spiraling in my head. Since that initial conversation, I use Faith’s breathing tools to stay present and calm, no matter what life throws my way. I am forever grateful to have picked up the phone and made that first consultation with Faith.”

- Stacey S., FL

“Faith stands out as a Family Recovery Life Coach. Her dedication, knowledge base and empathic manner lends to her warm and insightful style that yields results. For this I highly recommend you entrust Faith Batt as your Family Recovery Coach."
- Evie B.H., TX
“Faith gets it! When you need a coach that will help you dig deep, Faith is that person. She listens so you know you’re heard, she’s present so you know you’re not alone. She’s very well trained and knowledgeable and able to provide you with resources and support that will keep you moving forward. She’s professional yet practical, focused and fair. Many times we think we know what we want in a session, Faith digs deep to find out what’s hidden and helps you unmask the truth, your own truth. Long after your session, Faith will still hold space for you, I’ve received many texts that just say, “How are things?” I appreciate that, it affirms me and keeps me motivated, connected and inspired to just keep showing up to life everyday!” 
- J. Monique W. | Marketing Consultant/Entrepreneur, TX
“As a colleague and friend, I have great respect for Faith’s integrity, passion and commitment to helping families heal.  As a coach, Faith is able to draw on her extensive training and her own personal experience, strength and hope to help move the client forward in their learning and understanding of themselves and their role as the family member of someone struggling with a Substance Use Disorder.  Her insight, compassion, and empowering language create a safe space in which the client is able to feel heard, encouraged and valued.” 
- Kathy T., MD
“Faith Batt is that rare person who not only listens, but really hears you. She is compassionate, calming, perceptive and knowledgeable. As a Family Recovery Life Coach, she brings her own personal and educational experiences to her clients and you can sense her interest, energy, empathy, and breadth of knowledge. I believe this is a vocation not a job for Faith. That in itself is comforting.”
- M.G., FL
“Faith Batt, Family Recovery Specialist and Coach, has a unique and authentic God-given ability to tune into the best process for each client and their family. Healing is an ongoing part of life and Faith's relationship with the families is to be trusted in order for all persons to grow, reevaluate their needs and to move forward to greater levels of health and healing. I completely recommend Faith Batt's counsel to all families in need of help and support. Her forward thinking and flexibility enables her to stay in the moment and assess the situation deeply and honestly. Then, she can help you reshape the problem into a realistic solution for all.”
- Jill Ayn Schneider, Author, Healer, Retreat Leader, NC

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FOREWORD FOR “Cracking Up! Life With My Fractured Family” by FAITH BATT
By John Walsh

"I still remember that chilly morning in the late days of 1989, when I walked up the block from America’s Most Wanted, a few hours before taping that week’s show, to meet a young woman who wanted us to take on her case. It was one of the most brutal, painful stories of child abuse our fledgling program had come across, and frankly, I wasn’t sure whether we should air it. It was the story of a man who had beaten and abused his children for years; they’d finally come forward, and he was convicted of the crime. But just before sentencing, he disappeared, and had been on the run ever since.

Some of the children in the family wanted to let the story die – they didn’t want to have their pain and sorrow exposed to a national television audience. And I certainly didn’t want to push them into it. But when I heard that remarkable young woman, shy but unafraid, tell me her story, I understood, perhaps for the first time, a lesson I would learn a thousand times over in my years at America’s Most Wanted. She needed to tell the truth. Because the truth would set her free. It set many others free, as well: After we aired her story, dozens of other victims of abuse came forward, saying: this happened to me as well. I’ve never told anyone. But I need to tell someone now. I can’t keep this secret anymore.

And thank God, we were able to help so many of those people find justice, and a measure of closure, for the pain and suffering they endured. But little did I know how the stories we aired in those first days of America’s Most Wanted would continue to inspire others to share their stories as well. It became a kind of oral tradition – one story unfolding onto the next. A tradition that endures to this day.

I met another remarkable young woman at our show the following year: This time, it was a young freelance producer named Faith. From the first case she worked on for us – I remember it was a murder case down in Florida – she showed a natural ability to empathize with the victims of crime, to put them at ease, to reassure them and comfort them.

I did not know, until she sent me the manuscript for this book, that there was a reason she had such a natural ability to understand. It was because she had gone through such nightmares of her own.

In reading through Faith’s story of her own dark, abusive childhood – told with harrowing clarity, but without self-pity – I came to understand, once again, the power of the truth in the lives of victims. I know that Faith is finally revealing her story so that others may benefit from it – and I know, from many, many years of experience, how very important that is.

To Faith, I’d like to say, I am sorry for all you have endured. But I am grateful to you for sharing it with the world. And to her readers: I hope her tale is of comfort to those who have also gone through the dark places. May it help you reach for the light. There is a life beyond the pain: That is the truth that, as the father of a murdered child, I learned in order to survive. I hope this honest, heartfelt memoir helps others to learn it as well."

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